Sukhoruk replied

286 weeks ago

Welcome to Shenigigans. Thank you for your interest in applying to our Linkshell. If you have not yet read this thread please do so before going any further. We accept people based on a variety of factors, but to make your life a little bit easier here is a bit of what we are currently looking for.

Play Time
Our events tend to run from about 8PM Est to about midnight Est. We have members do other things when not event time to build the shell's member base up as a whole.

We are looking for members with active play schedules, but as always real life takes priority.

Job Classes
Currently seeking people willing to *MAIN* the following classes:
White Mage

We will consider applicants with the following jobs if their gear is outstanding:
Red Mage
Dark Knight

Anything else will be considered by Sack Holders.

Again thank you for your interest and you can apply by following this link.
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