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Jarrod and his pregnant girlfriend Elaine travel to Los Angeles to meet his old friend and successful entrepreneur Terry, and his wife Candice. Terry gives a party in his apartment for Jarrod and offers a job position to him in LA. Terry's assistant and lover Denise (Crystal Reed) and his friend Ray (Neil Hopkins) sleep on the couch in the living room, but in the dawn of the next morning, the group is awakened by mysterious beams of blue light. Ray stares at the light and is taken by the mysterious force. The group of friends try to escape from the alien invaders.
Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.
I went in knowing about the horrible reviews. Took my 11 year old son with me.<br/><br/>My son and I both liked it, even more than District 9.<br/><br/>I was looking forward to no political undertone and pure fantasy and escapism; this movie delivers. There are only so many original things that can be done with an alien invasion movie.<br/><br/>Great special effects, non-stop action.<br/><br/>The only negative is related to a particular late appearing character that was over the top cliché. However, it wouldn&#39;t deter me from recommending it.<br/><br/>Worth the money if you just want to go to a movie without worrying about trying to find the meaning of life.
Forget the critics and just watch the movie. More like a SciFi horror story than anything else and becomes a real roller coaster ride as the reality of the New World Order slowly sinks in. A good movie and well worth watching - much better than the generic Hollywood crap so often rolled out. Would rather watch this than Independence Day, which for non-Americans is almost nauseating, any day of the week.<br/><br/>The characters come across as just real life people doing their best, and the attempts to escape from their seemingly inevitable fate, nail biting. The military don&#39;t come off as &#39;all powerful&#39; and the lack of a slick Hollywood style &#39;it will all be alright in the end&#39; sort of ending is quite refreshing.
Beyond the dazzling "first contact" sequences seen in the trailers, Skyline is a spasmodic and incoherent shambles hampered by an astoundingly stupid screenplay.
While partying with his best friend Terry (<a href="/name/nm0265668/">Donald Faison</a>) in Terry&#39;s penthouse apartment in Los Angeles, Jarrod (<a href="/name/nm0050156/">Eric Balfour</a>), his pregnant girlfriend Elaine &quot;Lainey&quot; (<a href="/name/nm2174090/">Scottie Thompson</a>), Terry&#39;s wife Candice (<a href="/name/nm0199590/">Brittany Daniel</a>), Terry&#39;s assistant Denise (<a href="/name/nm3706952/">Crystal Reed</a>), and Terry&#39;s friend Ray (<a href="/name/nm0394248/">Neil Hopkins</a>) witness an attack on the city by alien spaceships emitting mysterious beams of blue light. Ray stares at the light and is drawn into it like a moth to a flame. It starts to draw Jarrod into it, but Terry pulls him away. As the aliens canvas the city looking for more humans, Jarrod and his friends try to find a way to escape from the building they are in. Skyline is based on a screenplay by Joshua Cordes and Liam O&#39;Donnell. It&#39;s accompanied by a sequel, <a href="/title/tt1724970/">Beyond Skyline (2017)</a> (2017). The blue light transmits a powerful alien technology that acts like an airborne virus, similar to the way a &quot;moth zapper&quot; attracts moths and other insects. Once the light has come into contact with a human&#39;s eyesight, it overrides the brain and controls it, beckoning for the human to approach the light and be eventually taken to the ship. It obviously also has some major physiological effects on those that engage it with their eyes for any significant amount of time, evidenced by the crawling and growing dark-vein like effects it has on its victims. Humans are being abducted by the aliens so their brains can be removed. Some insight into how the aliens use human brains might be seen in the parking garage scene: the alien that swallows Colin (he&#39;s released moments later) has his brain and part of his spinal column removed. The alien ejects a brain-like object and replaces it with Colin&#39;s. It might be the way they survive on Earth, replenish their energy, or gain knowledge about humans to make their defeat easier. Everyone dies by various means. The two survivors, Jarrod and Elaine, are sucked into the blue light and into the alien mothership. Elaine ends up in a pile of human bodies slowly having their brains ripped out. She is apparently spared because she is pregnant. She calls to Jarrod, but he is killed by the aliens and his brain removed then sent up a tube. It&#39;s apparent afterwards that the brains are being used to create more aliens. The alien that is given Jarrod&#39;s brain appears and is seen to protect Elaine who realises who it is. It is seen in a short montage that cities all over the world, including New York, London, Hong Kong, have all been attacked by various alien ships bombarding blue rays and abducting people. The military fights back, but they are defeated. The aliens (who include various assortments such as 20-foot-tall hulking tankers, as well as hydra-like squid creatures, and flying drones) appear to be un-killable, inescapable and unstoppable. Even after one large alien ship is blown apart by a nuclear warhead fired by a stealth drone aircraft, it slowly repairs itself. (All of the aliens, including the spaceships, appear to be a type of bio-mechanical machines capable of self-regeneration). Humanity is completely wiped out and the aliens win in the end, completely taking over the Earth. Jarrod has been subject to the alien technology and virus more than once. It is possible that it has begun to mutate into his DNA, effectively giving his brain an immunity to being reprogrammed. Unlike the rest of the humans taken aboard, Jarrod distinctly remembers who he is and what is going on.
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